Monday, July 22, 2019

Summer Post Number 4

This video is amazing.  It tells the story of a man who undergoes a very risky kind of surgery in order to save his life.  After you watch it, try to answer the following questions:

1. What allowed the woman who had a skiing accident to stay alive?
2. How did this accident help doctors to figure out a way to help the man who needed brain surgery?
3. Think of these surgeries as trials of an experiment.  Can you identify the following?

  • the science/inquiry question
  • the independent variable
  • the dependent variable
  • three constants
Link to Video: YouTube Link

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Summer Post Number 3
A History of the World in Two Hours

Summer Post Number 2

Pascal's Triangle Link: Pascal's Triangle

Hello!  This number pattern starts simple but can become very complicated.  Watch the short video and then see if you can recreate the pattern on paper.  How many levels can you complete?  (I have seen students create over 20 layers.)

Plato's Allegory of the Cave: Link

The Allegory of the Cave is an ancient Greek tale that Socrates shared with his students.  (Do you remember Socrates?  Do you remember what happened to him?)  Plato, his student, wrote this story down in a chapter of his book, The Republic.  After you watch this (strange!) video try to answer some or all of these questions.  Email me your answers!  I would love to read your responses.

1. Who are the people chained in the cave?
2. Why is it painful for the man to leave the cave and see the world above?
3. What trouble does he have when he returns to the cave?
4. Why are the other prisoners angry with him?
5. Does this story teach you anything?  What was Socrates trying to say?

Friday, June 28, 2019

Summer Post Number 1

Hello!  If you are looking for something to think about, take a look at the following material.

1. The Democratic Party candidates had a primary debate over two nights.  These men and women are all competing to run against Donal Trump in the November 2020 Presidential Election.  (The Republican Party is not having primary debates because Donald Trump already represents the Republican Party.)

This link will bring you to the YouTube video for the second night of the debates.  You might find it interesting to hear the candidates' claims about why they would do the best job as President of the United States.  Look for C-E-Rs.  (Are the claims clear?  Is there strong evidence?  Is there a convincing rationale?)

I personally think it is important for Democrats and Republicans to be familiar with all of the candidates and their major arguments.  (Remember, I am not giving you my opinion!)  If possible, discuss the debate with your friends and family.  Feel free to email me, too.

The actual debate starts at 1:04:00 (one hour and four minutes).

(Link to the Second Night of the Democratic Debates)

2. Talking Trees! (Link)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Click on the link below to get to the DKfindout! website.  You will find the same material that is available in the book we use in school.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Here is a link to help you practice making origami cranes.  Go slow!  Stop the video  whenever you need more time.


origami crane instructions

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Big History is a new way to think about the world.  Anything and everything that has ever happened is part of our history.  The more you know, the more you can make connections between different things and make sense of the world around you.

This video will give you a good idea of what BIG History is about.  I have watched it many times and feel inspired every time I see it.  I hope that you enjoy it, too.

A History of the World in Two Hours

Summer Post Number 4 This video is amazing.  It tells the story of a man who undergoes a very risky kind of surgery in order to save his l...